Organization, Projects, and Account Management

How our billing system and platform works, under the hood.


  • Content within a project is associated with a project key.
  • Paid Localize subscriptions (or free trials) are associated with an organization
  • Project usage (pageviews) are counted against the subscription of the organization
  • Learn More: Team Members: Setup and Permissions

One Organization

The organization is the over arching name in your Localize account, where you can manage all the projects belonging to the same group. Typically, this is the same as your company name. After the organization has been created, you can create the various projects that will be translated through Localize.

Organization Home

To return to the "home" page of an organization, simply click/touch on the name of the organization.

Multiple Projects

From your Localize Dashboard you can manage and create multiple projects. For example, you can create one project for your main website and one for your help center.

Switching Projects

From your Localize Dashboard you can view all your Projects and all the information you care about right up front. To work on any project just click on the project tile.

You can also access your projects in the drop-down project menu.

Multiple Domains

A project key may be shared (with translations for content) across multiple domains at no additional cost.

Project Duplication

We provide an ability to copy settings, phrases, and translations from the prior project into a new project. However, the two projects are not permanently linked -- changes in one will not be reflected in the other.

Account Management

Localize is a fully self-serve product. We do not manage translators, check translation quality, or approve/block/publish content on your behalf (even for our Enterprise customers!).

We do, however, listen very closely to user feedback when the product needs improvement. Please get in touch with product ideas, feedback, and anything else that you'd like to share!