In-Context Editor Troubleshooting

iframe Restrictions


Getting this message?

There was an error loading your website. Please verify that the localize.js Javascript snippet is installed on the website you entered. If localize.js is installed and you’re still seeing this message, your website may have restrictions in place preventing it from being loaded in an iFrame. Please read our help center doc to find out more.

The In-Context Editor can sometimes fail to load due to certain browser security restrictions, due to its use of iframes. You may need to adjust your HTTP headers to resolve the issue. MSDN has a great article explaining the problem.

The simplest solution is to install the Localize Editor Chrome extension to bypass the browser security restrictions.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Is Localize Installed?

Make sure that the Localize JavaScript library is active and properly installed on your website or application. The editor will not work without the JavaScript SDK active on the page.

HTTPS Required

Please note that TLS/SSL connections are required for utilizing the In-Context Editor. "HTTP" only websites will no longer load within the editor due to security restrictions.

This often presents a problem when using the editor with localhost or staging environments. In these cases, you may utilize a SSL certificate to enable "HTTPS" on local or staging environments.

Alternatively, tools such as ngrok may be used to tunnel localhost connections through a public and secured temporary endpoint.

If using a self-signed SSL certificate, you may have to load the webpage outside of the editor to override browser warnings that may be triggered by self-signed certificates.

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In-Context Editor Troubleshooting

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