Language Subdomains

Optimizing for SEO. For example: or

Language subdomains enable you to promote your business using one domain name with the logical structure for visitors in their native language. For example, Yahoo for visitors in France: and Yahoo for visitors in Hong Kong:

Additionally, using language subdomains to structure your multilingual site is recommended for optimizing SEO. We recommend setting up language subdomains for your website to optimize your website for search engines and to ensure that the translated versions of your website are appropriately indexed.


The autodetectLanguage option is set to true by default.

If you do NOT want to auto-detect the language, you must explicitly set this option to false in your initialization call to Localize.

How to Use

Our subdomain language detection works "out of the box". What that means is if you have correctly configured DNS for a top level subdomain like "", and the language "fr" is active in your project, the page will get translated to "fr" when visiting the page.

(see also Language Subdirectories)

Language Subdomains

Optimizing for SEO. For example: or

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