Localize vs. the alternatives

How we compare to other translation technology providers.

At Localize our number one priority is to provide you the tools you need to quickly and easily translate your website across multiple languages. We offer a simple to use localization product, fully automating the process and workflow so you can manage your translations and team in one centralized system.

Machine Translation / Google Translate

Machine translation is the process in which a computer is used to translate a text from one language to another. While convenient and cost effective (sometimes even free) machine translations aren't 100% accurate as they can't understand the context of your phrases, grammar, etc. Machine translations is far from replacing human translators who can interpret and analyze all of the elements of your text.

Proxy Servers

Proxy server localization is when all website communication between the end user’s browser and the website’s original server goes through the localization solution’s server. Proxy-server localization requires no change in the original website’s code but you now become dependent on hosting services’ uptime and response times for translated content. And for SEO purposes additional steps become necessary to mitigate any loss in indexing and rankings.

Traditional TMS

Traditional Translation Management Systems (TMS) are quite effective for routing content, but fail to account for content delivery and collection. Integration with your website or application is your responsibility, with translated assets often left out of date as a consequence.


Crowdsourcing localizations means leveraging the most engaged users of an application to assist with translation, which can be innovative and cost-effective. However, quality comes into question as contributors may lack the qualifications and subject matter expertise, resulting in extremely low-quality translations. Additionally, due to the fragmented nature of crowdsourcing, substantial time can be wasted spent managing and overseeing the process and there may be a lack of consistency in style and tone due to lack of collaboration between crowd members.

Open Source

Polyglot.JS or i18next or Messageformat.js require upfront effort to integrate and ongoing maintenance costs, with a risk of contributors abandoning the project. Zero support. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Language Service Providers (Agencies)

Translation agencies are always going to be needed regardless of localization method. Gengo and Textmaster are our third party professional translation services. The Localize platform allows you to order translations quickly and easily directly from your Localize account, and the translations are automatically delivered back to your dashboard when completed.

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Localize vs. the alternatives

How we compare to other translation technology providers.

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