To make it simple, we base pricing on your total monthly Pageviews, Languages, Team Members, Projects, and Features.

All Plans include the following: (unlimited)

  • Hosted Words
  • Files

... all with no contracts, setup costs, or hidden fees.

Check out our Pricing Page for more information!

Machine Translation

Machine Translations are always free and it costs nothing for your in-house translator to review them.

What is a Page-View?

Whenever someone visits a page on your website. If you have 5,000 visitors to your website and they each view 2 pages, you will have used a total of 10,000 page-views.

Our subscription plans each have different page-view and language limits.

Annual Billing

Switching to annual billing will lock in your price for a full year, plus two free months!

By the way, we have a special plan for open-source projects & a free limited plan for charitable non-profit organization -- contact us to learn if you qualify!