Text Import Workaround

A formal release of the improved text import feature is in pipeline. In the meantime, here is a simple workaround which will allow you to import text or html directly into your project:

  1. Create a new project in Localize (you can use an existing project, but make sure the widget is enabled)
  2. Copy your project key from your project overview page.
  3. Open this online html editor
  4. Paste the project key into the file in the place currently designated 'YOUR PROJECT KEY', (line 22)
  5. Paste the html or text you wish to import in the place currently designated PASTE HTML OR TEXT HERE (line 33)
  6. Add an optional page title in the place currently designated PAGE TITLE (line 5)
  7. Click "update" in the top left and then "run"
  8. You'll notice your text has been parsed and appears in the bottom right hand side of your screen
  9. Change the language in the widget to something other than your source language, and then refresh the page once. (The content will not translate yet but this will trigger Localize to detect the content)

From here, go back to your Localize project and refresh your browser. You'll find the content populating in your pending bin where it can then be approved and translated.

What's Next

For details regarding the reason for the suspension of this feature, please visit the Text Import section of the following page.

Text Import