Will Localize Slow Down My Site?

No... It won't!

Localize does not affect the uptime or performance of your website. We ensure high speed and low latency, anywhere in the world. Our content delivery network serves your translations from 40+ data centers worldwide.


The uptime of Localize does not affect the uptime of your website in any way.

Your website's traffic does not pass directly through our servers. Localize does not proxy your website traffic and we do not reroute your DNS service, which means there is no risk of downtime with Localize.

Even in the rare case when our servers are momentarily down, your website will still load and translate as expected. Your Localize translations are stored in the cloud (AWS S3 and Cloudfront), which are decoupled from our servers.


Localize runs invisibly on your website. We built Localize to have a very small footprint.

While there is no official uptime SLA, we know downtime is very bad for business, and we can assure you we strive for 100 percent uptime and latency of <50ms. We automatically cache translations and our library to reduce subsequent latency down to ~10ms.

Optimized for speed. Localize is optimized to run efficiently in the background of your website. We've done extensive testing and performance optimizations to ensure that Localize runs invisibly on your page.

Small size. Our Localize JavaScript library is compact, at only 15kb in size, less than 1% of most websites.

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Will Localize Slow Down My Site?

No... It won't!

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