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Getting 520 for<api-key>/tu

Hi, without human interaction localize is trying to get data from this endpoint <><api-key>/tu but response code is 520, this issue is happening weekly and sometimes monthly. Is there any reason why response is 520 for this endpoint? ASN Organization is => PAN0001 Thanks.

Change iFrame URL

He have a page with an iFrame in it. How can I change the URL of the iFrame when the user chooses a different language?

How do I change the Source Language from english to german?

I couldn\`t find those setting. My site is in german and I want to translate it to spanish

Prevent icon translation

We are using a web component library for our icon. But Localize translate those icons by text. (for instance an icone "box" will be translate by the foreign-word for "box" instead of just keeping the icon box as it it. Do you know a method to avoid this ? Thanks a lot !

Signing up with icloud or gmail address

I want to sign up for free trial with my icloud or gmail address, however the form says "please enter a valid work email address". Do I have to have a corporate address to sign up? Any solution for this?

Will values of the input fields be sent to Localize?

Let's say I have a form with these fields, <label>Find by name</label> <input type="text" placeholder="Search..."> My understanding is that both the content of the 'label' tag and the 'placeholder' property of the 'input' tag will be sent to localize. That's awesome. My question is: What will be the default for the 'value' of the 'input' field? In my case, I don't want to send these values to localize, should I use \<input notranslate... or would this not be sent by default? Our forms in edit mode populate inputs with data from the database, we don't want those values to be sent to localize by default. Thanks!

Cannot select a phrase on the website "In-context Editor" for translation

Hi, I found that while using 'in-context editor' for a recently published page in English (source language) for our website, I am unable to select a couple of phrases for translation and publishing in French language. I could translate all the rest of the text but it's these couple of phrases where I don't have any option to translate and they are appearing in English in the middle of French webpage, which is annoying. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this?

Signing up with work email failed

Hi, I'm trying to signup with my work email and the signup form shows an error "Please add a valid work email"

Which Translation engine is best for differernt languages

I was wondering if there was a List of which engine is best for different languages, for example is google better for French but not German, is there any metrics or common knowledge of which engine performs better due to correction made etc.. I would like to Target the best performing engine for the limited amount of languages we want to have auto translated. Is there any comparison charts that can help decide which engine is best.

Move content from 1 project to another automatically

How do I move content from 1 project to another and mark the content as human reviewed. Not in a manual way, but instead in an automated way. I tried to use the api (<>) but theres no option to mark as human reviewed. Is there a project setting I can set for this?