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Stripe payment field translation

Hi everyone, I came across a payment field which can't be translated. Any advice for stripe payment field?

NextJS 13 app directory localisation approach fails to load resources from local resources like images for next/image

Hey everyone, I was happy to read your blog post on an how to achieve localisation in the new NextJS 13 app directory ( Unfortunately with my setup I cannot load local resources from the public folder. For example requests for image resources get denied with a 400 error. ``` ImageError: Unable to optimize image and unable to fallback to upstream image at imageOptimizer (/usr/src/app/node_modules/next/dist/server/image-optimizer.js:563:19) at async cacheEntry.imageResponseCache.get.incrementalCache (/usr/src/app/node_modules/next/dist/server/next-server.js:238:72) at async /usr/src/app/node_modules/next/dist/server/response-cache/index.js:83:36 { statusCode: 400 } ``` I guess it has something todo with the middleware not redirecting properly for static resources. I am using NextJS 13.1. Did I forget a crucial step? I would be gratefull for hints and tips onto how to fix the issue. Cheers Luke

Even after approval of the translation, one text comes back to the old version everytime I re upload the website

I keep changing the same phrase and approving it and weirdly, every time I reupload the page, it comes back to the old version

Parts of the text are not translated but there is no text pending

There are some block of texts that haven't been translated but I cannot click on them to do it myself and they are no texts pending. I don't know how to have access to the block to translate it myself

I want a sentence not to be translated at all. But I can't save an "empty" translation

There is a sentence fragment that needs no translation. I thought I could simply save an empty translation, but localize doesn't seem to allow that. Have you had this problem too? Did you find a solution? Thank you for your help!

Widget no longer closing (Intentional Update?)

It appears that the widget no longer closes when focus is removed. I have validated on my own site & on your site ( that if you open the widget & select a new page the widget remains open until a language is selected. Was/Is this intentional?

react-native with locize

Is there a way to connect a react native app to the locize backend for automated translation detection? I'd rather not have to import/export files. I tried the npm locize package but that seems web specific.

Is there way to translate a variable?

Variables are great for numbers, names, and dates but I want to translate the variables. Let me give you an example: Based on the answer user gives we change this language, if the user chooses "football", "baseball", "tennis" The sentence becomes: My hobbies are: football, baseball, tennis There are many hobbies like that if we do not assign each "hobby" as a variable we have over 200 versions in the localize dashboard, My hobbies are: football My hobbies are: football, baseball My hobbies are: baseball, tennis... and list goes over 200 items. We can generate variable tags in our code but variables do not get translated at the dashboard. My goal is to see something like that-> My hobbies are: {variable}, {variable} and each variable will be a different phrase so that we can translate that word.

Load one page with setting exact language

I'd like ask you if possible set for one page (one URL) another language (not default from project) thru loading and keep it.

Approving Translations

is it required to always approve translations before export the file/release translations to live?