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Signing up with work email failed

Hi, I'm trying to signup with my work email and the signup form shows an error "Please add a valid work email"

Which Translation engine is best for differernt languages

I was wondering if there was a List of which engine is best for different languages, for example is google better for French but not German, is there any metrics or common knowledge of which engine performs better due to correction made etc.. I would like to Target the best performing engine for the limited amount of languages we want to have auto translated. Is there any comparison charts that can help decide which engine is best.

Move content from 1 project to another automatically

How do I move content from 1 project to another and mark the content as human reviewed. Not in a manual way, but instead in an automated way. I tried to use the api (<>) but theres no option to mark as human reviewed. Is there a project setting I can set for this?

Confused by the wording of email

Hi, We keep receiving emails when working on translating our site but aren't sure what they mean. Can you please explain what this means? Is it the number of phrases automatically translated by Localize? **We noticed that a number of phrases don't have human translations: Untranslated Spanish phrases: 2559** Thanks!

Is there any programatic way to upload/download translation memories ?

I was looking into API doc I didn't find any of doing it, only for translations and files (not .tmx files). UI has this option from the team administrator panel.

Localize pulling in foreign content to pending phrases

Hi all. When going through pending phrases in the Localize dashboard, I noticed that Localize is pulling content that doesn't appear anywhere on our site. When inspecting where the phrases are being requested from, it says a page on our website even though the phrases don't exist anywhere on the website. Has anyone encountered this? It's just a lot of spam content about the Cold War, but I would like to know where it's coming from. Are there any known interferences with Localize? Is it something missed in setup that would allow for this foreign content to be pulled by Localize? Definitely going to get our web devs to look into it and contact Localize support as well, but wanted to ask if anyone has encountered something similar before writing up a support ticket. Thank you!

Can LocalizeJs offer a plug in to translate date/time and number format?

Date, time strings such as (mm/dd/yyyy > dd/mm/yyyy, June 15 (en-US), AM/PM strings, etc.) and numbers ($5,000.00 vs $5.000,00) need to be localized by country. Does LocalizeJs have an out of the box solution for this?

Auto approve the unapprove phases in website

Added the localize in the and I want to auto-approve all the new phrases how does it possilble

I have Localize set to detect language, but my website isn't changing language?

Hello - I have Localize set to detect the language: ![]( ...but when I set the browser to one of the languages we have enabled in Localize... ![]( ...the website does NOT translate it into French, unless I click the Localize widget and make a choice. I'd like to be able to disable the widget, as it blocks other UI on our site, but if there's no way for it to auto-detect, then by turning it off, we effectively stop the translation, making Localize moot. Thanks for your help!!

Stripe payment field translation

Hi everyone, I came across a payment field which can't be translated. Any advice for stripe payment field?