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react-native with locize

Is there a way to connect a react native app to the locize backend for automated translation detection? I'd rather not have to import/export files. I tried the npm locize package but that seems web specific.

Is there way to translate a variable?

Variables are great for numbers, names, and dates but I want to translate the variables. Let me give you an example: Based on the answer user gives we change this language, if the user chooses "football", "baseball", "tennis" The sentence becomes: My hobbies are: football, baseball, tennis There are many hobbies like that if we do not assign each "hobby" as a variable we have over 200 versions in the localize dashboard, My hobbies are: football My hobbies are: football, baseball My hobbies are: baseball, tennis... and list goes over 200 items. We can generate variable tags in our code but variables do not get translated at the dashboard. My goal is to see something like that-> My hobbies are: {variable}, {variable} and each variable will be a different phrase so that we can translate that word.

Load one page with setting exact language

I'd like ask you if possible set for one page (one URL) another language (not default from project) thru loading and keep it.

Approving Translations

is it required to always approve translations before export the file/release translations to live?

Same word different translations

Is there a way to use different translations for the same word on diferent pages ?

Localize version

Where can I see the latest released versions in order to make sure that I am using the correct one ?

Annual plan - auto payment?

After a year using the annual plan, is the payment automatically done? If it is, is there a settings option to turn off auto payment?

How can I add two versions of translation for one phrase?

I need to add two translations for one word depends on the context en-de translation: 1. Sent - Senden 2. Sent - Gesendet Is it possible?

Need to update payment but are not receiving confirmation email

We need to update our billing information yet are not receiving the confirmation email in our inbox or junk mail. How do we resolve this issue?

Apache LOg4j

Do you all have a response to this vulnerability? Any concerns with your product?