Human Translation Orders

Human translations may be ordered through one of our third-party language service providers, Gengo or TextMaster.

Localize provides the option to order translations from one of our third-party LSP's (Gengo or TextMaster) under the Orders tab in the Localize dashboard. Pricing varies depending on vendor and quality level selected.

There are two ways to order translations. The first way is by ordering translations for Phrases detected by the Localize library. The second way is by ordering custom text translations. We will go through both methods below.

Pro Tip: We highly recommend using our glossary and phrase context features when ordering translations.

Ordering Translations for Phrases

To order translations for your phrases:
Please note that these phrases must be approved (moved to the Pending bin) before a translation order can be placed. If you are concerned about end-users seeing machine translated content prior to the human translations being delivered, you can disable the target languages in the widget and then re-enable them once the translation order is returned.

1) Navigate to the Orders tab and start a new order.

2) Select the provider and quality level. More info on each option may be found here.

3) Choose content for the order. We recommend: "Phrases with no human translations".

4) Choose content to exclude. We recommend: "Phrases with pending orders".

5) Optional: Filter by page.

6) Select languages for the order.

7) "Your Order" will display the real-time price quote. Click "Place Order" when ready.

8) After an order is submitted it'll say "Submitting Order" and you will have 5 minutes to cancel your order.

After the order is submitted you cannot cancel the order and no refunds will be provided. The status will say "Order in progress".

Your order will (usually) be fulfilled within 72 hours. Once the order is complete, new translations will transfer into your account as they are delivered by the provider, and the new phrase translations will replace the existing translations in your Published (active) bin. We recommend inviting a freelance or in-house translator (who will be familiar with your business and its terminology) to review the project.

Ordering Custom Text Translations

Ordering Translations for Custom / Static Text

To order translations for custom text:

1) Navigate to the Orders tab and to the Custom Text Tab.

2) Input a "Title" + the text + comments to the translator.

3) Select your translation method and your languages and submit your order.

Disclaimer: Ordering translation services from any of these third party providers is completely optional. Localize is not responsible or liable for their availability, accuracy, the related content, products, or services. Please refer to each third party translation provider for their satisfaction guarantee policy.

Human Translation Orders

Human translations may be ordered through one of our third-party language service providers, Gengo or TextMaster.

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