Purchasing Translation Credits

How to purchase credits for human translation orders

Purchasing Translation Credits

Before you can order human translations from one of our LSPs, a team member with billing permissions needs to purchase translation credits. A valid credit card must be enabled in the Organization.


Same Credit Card

These instructions assume that you are using the same credit card for human translation orders and also to pay for your Localize subscription. If you'd rather pay for translations with a different credit card, see the Purchasing Credits with a 1-time Use Card section below.

1. Display the Add Translation Credits popup

  1. Click on Your Orders in the Orders tab
  2. Click on the You have $123.45 in credit box

This will display the Add Translation Credits dialog.

2. Select an amount

Select the desired amount or enter a custom amount, and click the Purchase Credits button.


3. Success

If the purchase was successful, you will see the following:


Purchasing Credits with a 1-time Use Card

You can also purchase credits by entering a new credit card that will be used for a one-time purchase.

This is helpful for organizations where you perhaps have different cost centers, and would like to pay for your human translation orders using a different card than the one used for your Localize subscription.

If you find that you have insufficient funds or you simply wish to purchase credits using a different credit card, do the following:

1. Place Order

First select the Place Order button.

2. Use a New Card

  1. Select an amount, or enter a custom amount.
  2. Select the Use a different card link

3. Enter Card Info

  1. Enter the credit card info for your one-time purchase of translation credits.
  2. Select the Purchase $123.45 in Credit button.