Supported Languages

We support ALL languages

Localize supports machine translation for over 115 languages and human translations for over 80 languages.

Don't see your language listed? We may be able to add languages upon request.
Please contact support.

Human Translations

Click here to see the list of language pairs supported by our two third-party human Language Service Providers (LSPs): Gengo and TextMaster, along with pricing.

Machine Translations

Click here to see the list of languages supported by our Machine Translation Engines (MTE): Google, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM Watson.


IBM Watson Support

The IBM Watson MTE is only available in Enterprise plans. Please contact our sales team to discuss availability.

In-house/External Translators

Localize also gives you the ability to translate your content into languages that neither our MTEs nor LSPs currently support. For these languages you would need to provide your own translations.

We can also contact one of our two third-party LSPs about languages that are currently not supported directly in the Localize dashboard to check if they could provide human translations in a more manual way. Please contact support to discuss this option.

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Supported Languages

We support ALL languages

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