SEO Settings

Add settings to help with SEO on your website


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an important consideration when building your website. It's even more important when you are localizing your site into other languages. You want the search engines to find and index your content in your source language as well as your target languages. This will enable your users to search the web for your content in their preferred language. Read more here about The Importance Of SEO In Localization.

One of the best practices for getting search engines to index your content in other languages is to add HREFLANG annotations to all of your pages. Search engines use HREFLANG annotations to serve the correct language or regional URL in search results. HREFLANG annotations signal that this page has a relationship to an alternate language version at the given URL. Read more here about HREFLANG annotations.

The SEO Settings page allows you to tell Localize how you want us to create the HREFLANG annotations based on how you have built your website to accommodate multiple languages.

Typically you would be using a subdirectories or a subdomains approach (as detailed here). However, if you are using a different approach you can also specify it here.

The following example uses the subdirectories approach:


After you specify the URL structure for all languages and click Save, Localize will automatically add the appropriate HREFLANG annotations to all pages in your site!