Manage your Projects

Projects are used to organize content for your websites and applications

From your Localize Dashboard you can manage and create multiple projects. For example, you can create one project for your main website and one for your help center. See Using Projects to Organize Content for more details about how to organize your content into Projects.

Create a Project

If you didn't create a project when signing up, or you wish to create a new project, there are a few ways to create one.

On the Manage Organization page:

  • Click the Add New Project button
  • Click the New Project + button

Using the Projects Drop-down:

  1. Select the name of the current project in the top/left corner of the page.

This will display the Create Project pop-up menu.

  1. Click the + Create New Project button

This will display the Create Project dialog:


Enter the project info:

  • A Project Name
  • An optional website URL
  • The source language to Translate from
  • One or more target languages to Translate to
    • To add a language, scroll through the list or start typing the language name.
    • To add another language, simply click next to the other language and you'll be able to select your next language.
  • What are you translating?
    • Website / Web App - uses the Localize code snippet to automatically find all content in your website/web app
    • Mobile App - for use in a files-based approach to localization, typical in most mobile apps
    • Documents - used to organize and documents that you are translating


Adding Multiple Languages

  • After adding the first language, simply click in the entry field to add more.
    • Click on the X next to a language to remove it.

Switching Projects

Manage Organization Page

From the Manage Organization page in your Localize Dashboard you can view all your Projects and all the information you care about right up front. To work on any project just click on the Project tile.


Projects Drop-down Menu

You can also access your Projects in the drop-down Project menu in the upper/left corner of the screen from anywhere in the dashboard.


This menu sorts the Projects in chronological order, showing the oldest Projects first.


Finding Projects

You can search for a Project by name or by the Project Key from the Manage Organization page.


Simply start typing in the "Find a Project..." field and the Projects list will be filtered as you type. This is especially helpful when you have a large number of Projects.


Sorting Projects

You can sort your list of Projects alphabetically or chronologically. Simply click the drop-down and select your desired sort criteria.


Project Options

To jump to a specific options page for a Project, click on the Project menu button.


This will open the Project menu, allowing you to navigate directly to the Phrases, Orders, Languages or Project Settings pages within the Project dashboard.


Project Settings

To learn how to change the settings in your Projects, use the following links:

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