Activity Stream

See who's been doing what

Watch this short video for an overview of the Activity Stream.

To view activities in your dashboard, select Activity Stream in the left navigation bar under Manage Organization.

This will display details of the activities that your team members have been doing.
Sometimes it's helpful to know when events occurred, for example: a new team member was added, a phrase was moved to the trash or blocked, or your credit card was changed.

Metadata displayed for each frontend API event includes the following:

  • Email address of the user
  • Project name
  • IP address of the user

Depending on the event, other relevant metadata will be displayed.


Filtering the view

For all filters you can use the "Deselect all" and "Select all" toggles to clear or show all filters in that particular list. If there are more items in a particular list than can fit in the display, you can scroll the list.

Organization filter

Show or hide events that are directly related to the organization.

Project filters

View events from all projects, or select the relevant project(s) from the list.

User filters

View events from all users, or select the relevant user(s) from the list.

Event filters

View all event types, or select the relevant event type(s) from the list.

List of Event Filters

The following are the available Event Filters.


Accepted project invitation

Added language from the dashboard

Added team member

Added translation

Added webhook

Cancelled subscription

Changed credit card

Changed email

Changed name

Changed password

Changed phrase state

Changed subscription plan

Clear phrase listing filters

Closed modal

Closed notification

Created an API key

Created label

Created organization

Created project

Defined variables for a phrase

Deleted inactive translations

Deleted label

Deleted machine translations

Deleted organization

Deleted project

Deleted translation

Deleted webhook

Disabled 2-factor auth

Document deleted

Document downloaded

Document edited

Document translation deleted

Document translation downloaded

Document translation uploaded

Document uploaded

Duplicated project

Edit team member

Edited an API key

Edited label

Edited translation

Edited webhook

Email verified by user

Emptied phrases trash

Enabled 2-factor auth

Exported phrases

Extended trial

Failed login

File exported (API)

File imported (API)

Filter phrase listing

Glossary translations created (API)

Glossary translations updated (API)

Installation Page

Interested in content editor

Log in

Log out

Marked as human translation

Opened modal

Opened notification

Phrase deleted (API)

Placed order

Project created (API)

Purchased credit

Purchased credit with one time payment

Remove team member

Requested password

Reset password

Saved set of phrases (API)

Set label on phrase

Set up a file import job

Sign up

Started subscription

Translations created (API)

Translations updated (API)

Undo Action

Unsubscribed from email

Updated organization setting

Updated project languages

Updated project setting

Updated SAML SSO settings

Updated widget languages

Verification email sent to user

Viewed content editor landing

Viewed page

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