Introduction to Localize

Meet the Localize cloud-based translation management service

Localize is a cloud-based Translation Management System (TMS) that allows you to translate dynamic websites, apps and more using workflow tools that help you streamline your localization workflow.

Localize For Web

  • Used for websites and web apps, Localize For Web offers automated content detection and translation delivery, with compatibility for almost any website

Localize For Mobile

  • Used for mobile app localization, this files-based approach allows you to import and export your content for use in your mobile apps

Localize For Documents

  • Localize all of your documents right in your Localize dashboard

Localize For Emails

  • Upload, translate, edit and store emails in your Localize dashboard

Localize For Subtitles

  • Easily translate the subtitles in your audio and video files with Localize

The Problem

Most translation providers and in-house solutions rely on a file-based transfer approach, where files are manually moved from the project manager to a translator, back to the project manager, then to a developer to be added to the web server or repository. This back-and-forth creates drawn-out project timelines and necessitates constant management and monitoring of the project. It also requires a lot of development hours to be allocated, not only to launch but also for ongoing maintenance and updates.

Using this common approach can be expensive and frustrating, often leading to many project completion delays and developer resources for ongoing management.

Our Solution

With Localize, we’ve eliminated tedious, inefficient workflows and made it easy to manage, organize and translate content.

Using our low-code or no-code options, you can easily translate websites, mobile apps, documents, emails and more in one centralized place, without the need for developer intervention.

Watch this short video to get a quick overview of how Localize For Web works.

(Click here for a more detailed description of how website translations get delivered to end-users.)


Updates & Maintenance

Whether you’re updating a single image or an entire web page, Localize makes it easy to edit content without having to send any files or involve a developer. Our dashboard comes standard with powerful workflow tools, hundreds of language options and an anyone-can-manage interface, saving you time, money and resources.

Localize Video Walkthrough

Dig deeper with our complete Localize Video Walkthrough tutorial:

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Getting Support

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