Phrase Actions & Info

There are many things you can do with a phrase by clicking on the actions drop-down caret in the top/right corner of the phrase panel.


Select the phrases bin to which you would like to move the phrase.
Depending on which bin you are currently in, and whether you have the In-Progress Workflow enabled, your options will vary.


Add a label

Click the to add a new label.

After creating a new label, you will then need to add the label to the phrase.

Add/remove a Label from a Phrase

Select/deselect the checkbox next to a label to apply/remove that label to/from the phrase.

Add Context

Click the Add Context link to add helpful context to the phrase. Context is a description of the phrase that can help translators better understand its meaning.

Enter details about the phrase then click Save Context.


Click Information to display details about the phrase.

The information displayed includes:

  • Phrase ID - an internal ID for the phrase
  • Phrase Key (optional) - your custom Phrase Key
  • Phrase created - date that the phrase was created
  • Last requested - date that the phrase was last requested by a user on your website
  • Number of requests - the number of times the phrase was requested by your users
  • Raw phrase - the raw contents of the phrase, including inline HTML elements
  • Pages - the pages in your website where the phrase was found (scrollable list)
  • Requested from - clickable links of the URLs from where the phrase was requested

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Phrase Actions & Info

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