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Localize your Uservoice knowledgebase

With a multilingual user base, localizing your content helps reduce support load. UserVoice doesn’t provide a built-in translation feature, but it’s easy to translate your help desk with Localize. To see a UserVoice help desk translated with Localize, click the “Spanish” link in the sidebar here.

Here is a step by step guide for localizing your UserVoice knowledge base.

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Note: Installing Localize on UserVoice requires that you have a UserVoice Pro subscription for the ability to add custom javascript to your help pages.

1) Open UserVoice web portal settings

2) Click “Appearance and features”

3) Select the “HTML/CSS/Javascript” tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the window. Find the “JAVASCRIPT SNIPPETS” box.

4) Paste the Localize Script

<script src=""></script>
<script>!function(a){if(!a.Localize){a.Localize={};for(var e=["translate","untranslate","phrase","initialize","translatePage","setLanguage","getLanguage","detectLanguage","getAvailableLanguages","untranslatePage","bootstrap","prefetch","on","off"],t=0;t<e.length;t++)a.Localize[e[t]]=function(){}}}(window);</script>

    key: '[[app:key]]', 
    rememberLanguage: true

5) Add links to switch language

6) Reload your live website & approve phrases in the Localize dashboard.

This will help us detect your UserVoice content and save it to your Localize account.

We recommend that you order human translations or have a native speaker proofread your translations. For instructions on how to manually edit translations, click here.

Additional information

You may notice that it that your English text is visible for a split second before your UserVoice page translates. This is due to how UserVoice handles custom javascript. There is a fairly simple workaround available. Email us at and we’ll send over instructions for how to fix this problem.

Happy localizing!

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