Edit Your Profile

Update your personal information and notification settings

You should see your name with your initials or Gravatar in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Click on your name or picture, and then click on Profile Settings.



Profile Settings

1. Select Profile

Once on your Profile Page, click Profile (if not already selected).


2. Edit your Contact Information

At the top of the Profile Settings tab you can make changes to the following information:

  • Avatar: Use Gravatar or your own image
    • Follow the link to add a Gravatar or change your existing one.
    • Upload your own image by clicking the link and following the instructions.
  • Name
  • Email Address (See special instructions)
  • Phone Number
  • Time Zone

3. Save your Changes

Click Save settings when ready.


Follow the instructions here to change your email address.

Email Notifications

Select the Email Notifications tab to change the notification settings for your Projects and/or your Organization.

  • You can set up various email notifications for each individual Project in your Organization.
  • You can also disable ALL notifications across all Projects by selecting the Unsubscribe from all Project email notifications checkbox.
  • You can also set up email notifications that are Organization-wide.

When ready click Save settings.


Password & Security

See the following documents for details on changing your password and security settings.