Widget Customization

The widget allows your visitors to select their preferred language when visiting your website.

Widget tab
Visit the Widget Tab to customize the language-switcher widget.

We provide two themes, plus an ability to change the position and colors to match your brand.

You can manually add custom styles to your language widget. The widget will accept any CSS override styling on your own website.

1) Add the <style> tag to the head of your web page.

2) Any CSS style overrides should use the following ID selectors:

<div id="localize-widget"></div>
<div id="localize-current"></div>
<div id="localize-langs"></div>

Don't like the widget? We provide language links to fit within a native dropdown (anywhere on your site).

Mobile Widget
You can customize the mobile version of your widget in your Widget Settings. Visit the Widget Tab and turn on Display compact widget.

The compact version of the widget is displayed using a media query break point at 480px.