Project Overview

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Getting Started

If you are just setting up your project, you'll see the Getting Started page, which will guide you in getting your project set up.

Depending on the type of project you are setting up - web, mobile or documents, you'll see one of the following guides.

Getting Started with Localize for Web

  • To get started, copy the Localize snippet and paste it into the tag in your website, in all pages that you want to Localize.
  • If you need help from your developer to install the snippet, simply fill in the fields in the Send your snippet to a developer form.
  • If applicable, you can use one of our integration guides to install Localize.

Getting Started with Localize for Mobile

We typically recommend that you get a quick start by manually importing some source data file(s) and exporting your translation file(s) using the Localize dashboard, followed by optimizing your workflow using the Localize CLI.

See the following for instructions:

Getting Started with Localize for Documents

  • To get started, upload a source document.
  • Then inform your translators to download the document to translate it, then upload the translated version.
  • For more details see: Quickstart for Documents

Project Overview

After you've successfully gotten phrases into your project, you'll see the following displayed:

  • Project key: Your unique Project Key - this is needed to integrate Localize into your website
  • Project Announcements: An announcements board where you can post announcements to your team.
  • Links to possible next steps for working in your project.

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