Audio Localization

Localize the audio files in your website or application!

Localize allows you to localize audio files in your project by using the Localize dashboard. A localized audio file can be added for each target language in your project.

This is helpful in those cases where you have audio files in your site that have spoken language in them.

With this feature enabled, Localize will find audio1 elements in the HTML source of your web pages, and will bring them in as phrases into the dashboard. Each audio "phrase" will show the SRC attribute for the audio file. After uploading the alternate audio file(s) to your website, copy the URL to that audio file and paste it into the "translation" of that phrase.


lz-audio System Label Added

When brought into your Localize dashboard, the system will automatically add the lz-audio system label to the audio "phrase". This makes it easy to find all audio files in your dashboard.

Enable in Project Settings

First, you must enable this option in your Project Settings.

Using the Phrases Editor

You will need to upload a separate audio file to your website for each target language before adding the audio filename "translations" in the Localize dashboard. We recommend that you use a standard file naming convention using the language code, when possible.

To add the target language audio file to a phrase, click on that phrase and add a "translation" which is the alternate SRC URL for the target language audio file for that phrase.

Read how to enable this option here...



1Currently, Localize will only find audio files that are contained within the HTML <audio> element.