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Translate your Bubble Application with Localize

Below is a step by step guide for integrating Localize into your Bubble application.

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1) Click "Plugins" in your Bubble dashboard.

2) Click "Install more plugins"

3) Find "Localize Translation" and click the + button.

4) Once installed, click 'Done' to continue.

5) Make sure to add your Localize Project key.

<script src="https://global.localizecdn.com/localize.js"></script>
<script>!function(a){if(!a.Localize){a.Localize={};for(var e=["translate","untranslate","phrase","initialize","translatePage","setLanguage","getLanguage","detectLanguage","getAvailableLanguages","untranslatePage","bootstrap","prefetch","on","off"],t=0;t<e.length;t++)a.Localize[e[t]]=function(){}}}(window);</script>

    key: '[[app:key]]', 
    rememberLanguage: true

Note: Find your project key on the Localize dashboard.

Signup here or go to your project here.

6) Click "Design" in your dashboard.

7) Drag the button, type the Language title, and click "Start/Edit Workflow"

8) Click "Set the language widget" in "Workflow"

9) Pick your desired language code.

These should match your Localize project languages.

10) Click on "Preview"

11) Reload your website and head on over to Localize Phrases to approve phrases in the Localize dashboard.

Localize will automatically detect the content on your website and and save it to your Localize account.

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