In-Context Editor

View and edit translations on your website in real-time!

In-Context Editor Video Tutorial

Log into your account, and open up our live editor.

1) Enter your project URL into the editor bar.


2) Select any content with a "box" around it that you want approved/edited.

Live Editor Box

3) If the phrase has not been approved, decide to approve/block the phrase.

Live Editor Pending

4) If the phrase has been approved, you can edit the translation here.

Live Editor Approved

Note: If you want to edit in different languages, select translations here.

Live Editor Language

Troubleshooting the In-Context Editor

The in-context editor can sometimes fail to load due to certain browser security restrictions.

Please review the troubleshooting steps located on the page below.

What's Next

Troubleshooting the in-context editor? Review this page:

In-Context Editor Issues