Page Manager

Set a priority level for each page of your site to easily identify, triage, and manage important phrases that are within your dashboard.

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The Page Manager lets you set a priority level for each page or folder/subdirectory on your website. This allows your team to prioritize the translation workflow based on the importance of each page. Using the Page Manager will allow you to give higher priority to pages that should be translated by humans rather than relying solely on machine translations.

The Page Manager shows the folders and pages on your website along with the number of phrases found on that page or within that folder.

Setting Page Priorities

You can set the priority for each page or folder by clicking on the Priority drop-down. You can select one of the 5 priorities from Lowest to Highest.

After you set the priority for a page/folder, all phrases on that page will be set to that priority level.

Viewing and Sorting

View Options

You can view the page in one of two modes:

Nested Nested
List List

To view the phrases on a page/folder simply click on the page/folder name in the list. You'll be asked if you want to view the phrases on the Manage Phrases page or in the In-Context Editor.

Manage Phrases

When viewing phrases on the Manage Phrases page, the priority level will be shown in the phrase panel of each phrase.

In-Context Editor

When using the In-Context Editor, select the Pages tab to view the priority levels.

  • Clicking on a page link will display that page, allowing edits to be made to the translations.
  • Rolling over the Translation Percentage bar will show the progress of the translations for that page/folder.

Sorting Options

Quick Sort: You can select from one of the following quick sort options:

You can also sort the list of pages by clicking on the up/down arrows in the header row of the page listing.
You can sort by:

  1. Page name
  2. Number of Phrases
  3. Priority