Giving structure to translated web applications.

Translate your Backbone Application with Localize

Below is a step by step guide for integrating Localize into your backbone application.

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1) Copy the Localize Script into your index file for your Backbone app.

Insert the code in your index or layout files' <head> </head> tags:

<script src=""></script>
<script>!function(a){if(!a.Localize){a.Localize={};for(var e=["translate","untranslate","phrase","initialize","translatePage","setLanguage","getLanguage","detectLanguage","getAvailableLanguages","untranslatePage","bootstrap","prefetch","on","off"],t=0;t<e.length;t++)a.Localize[e[t]]=function(){}}}(window);</script>

    key: '[[app:key]]', 
    rememberLanguage: true

2) Load your application in a browser.

Localize will automatically begin to detect new content on the page. Search for "localize" in the Browser inspector to ensure that it is loaded properly.

3) Then head on over to Localize Phrases to approve phrases in the Localize dashboard.

Localize will automatically detect the content on your website and and save it to your Localize account.

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