Copy a Project from One Organization to Another

When you need to move a project from one organization to another, you can follow the steps below to re-create the project in a new organization.

Core Components and Content

  1. Create the new organization and destination project, selecting the appropriate source and first target language.
    a. Start a new Free Trial to create a new account.
    b. Later you can select a subscription plan.
  2. Add the appropriate team members to the destination organization.
  3. Add a credit card for the new organization.
  4. Select Manage Project: Languages and add any remaining required target languages.
  5. Select Manage Project: Widget and duplicate the widget settings.
  6. Select Manage Project: Settings and duplicate the Project Profile settings, Marketing settings, Library Settings, Disable Pages settings, and Exclude Phrases settings.
  7. Export the translations for all languages in the source project.
  8. Import all language files into the destination Project.
    a. Any custom labels that were created in the source project will be copied over via the language files to the destination project.

Optional Components and Content

If you are using any of the following components they will also have to be manually created in the destination project.

  1. Glossary entries
  2. Create new API Key(s) if you are using the the REST API
    a. Any code that uses API Keys from the source organization would also have to be updated to use the new API Keys.
  3. Webhooks


Things that can't get transferred

  1. Human translation order history
  2. Translation credits
  3. Activity Stream events