Signing Up

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Localize allows your visitors to learn more about you and your business in their preferred native language. It only takes a few minutes to get started. You can sign up for a Free Trial by following these instructions.


Use your Google Login

You have the option of creating your Localize user account by using your Google login.
Simply click the button when creating your user account.

Step 1: Create your user account

First, create your user account by filling in your personal information.

Your email address will be your login name. You also have the option of signing up with your Google account.

Step 2: Create an organization

Next, enter your company information.

Step 3: Create a project

Finally, fill in the form to create your first Project.

Configure your project by selecting your source language and what language you want your project to be translated to, your target language. If you are internationalizing into multiple languages, you can add them here or add them later.

You have the option to create several different project types including: