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Localize helps you manage, translate, collaborate and automate the overall localization process.

To get started with Localize, sign up for a Free Trial then follow these instructions.

Step 1. Create your account

First create your user account by filling in your personal information.

Your email address will be your login name.

Step 2. Create an organization

Next enter your company information.

Step 3. Create a project

Fill in the form to create your first Project.

Select your source language and what language you want your application to be translated to, your target language. If you are translating to multiple languages, you can add them here or add them later.

You have the option to create a Website/Web App or Mobile App project.

  • Website/Web App:
    • Uses the Localize code snippet to automatically find all content in your website/web app.
  • Mobile App:
    • For use in a files-based approach to localization, typical in most mobile apps.

Need Help?
Contact support for custom integration help or troubleshooting!

What’s Next

There are a number of ways to use Localize to translate your content. Find out how by clicking below.

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