Adding Context to Phrases

Sometimes it's important to provide context for translators when they’re working on your project. For each published phrase you can add context to help translators better understand its meaning. When adding context at the phrase level, it will show up for all languages.

Any context that you add, including screenshots, will also be sent along with the phrase when sent to one of our Language Service Providers, Gengo or TextMaster. (learn how to order human translations)

To add context click on the drop down menu next to the phrase and click on "Add context".

Add your context and to help translators and click "Save context".

Translators will now receive the context along with the phrase.

You can also attach screenshots to each of your phrases to provide a visual context to translators!

By simply uploading the screenshot with the phase, translators can now visually see what your phrases mean and enhance the quality of the translation.

Updated 6 months ago

Adding Context to Phrases

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