Machine Translations

Machine translation is not recommended for production applications, but it is a good way to get you started.

Machine translations aren't perfect but it's an easy way to get started on your translation project. Localize provides machine translations at no additional charge, subject to the monthly limitation described herein.

Machine Translation set up

Localize offers two options for ordering machine translations, Google Translate and Microsoft Translate.

Your account is automatically defaulted to order machine translations for Published (active) phrases. If you prefer to turn this feature off go to your project settings.

And change "Order machine translations" to your desired setting and click Save.

Editing Machine Translations

Once you have your machine translations, you can ensure the quality of the translations in two ways:

  1. Invite your own in house translators to the library to review the translations and make any necessary edits prior to or after publication.

  2. Place an order directly through the Localize platform with one of our third party Translation Service Providers (Gengo or Textmasters).

Machine Translation Limitation

There is limit to number of machine translations allowable per a 30-day period depending on the plan you are subscribed to.

Machine character limits are published on our pricing page. If you are on a free trial, you have access to 10K characters of free machine translation daily. Each day, that limit will be reset.

For paid subscribers, the monthly translation limit of X million characters refers to the number of characters we allow you to submit to Google for machine translation in any 30-day period. For example, the phrase "testing" would count as 7 characters out of X,000,000 with 1 language enabled.

Once a machine translation is received, it does not continue to count against the X,000,000 limit.

If you exceed the allowable number of machine translations for the 30-day period, you will stop receiving new machine translations until the beginning of the next monthly cycle.

There is no way to monitor machine translation usage. However you will receive an email warning as you approach the limit (giving you the option to upgrade your plan). You will also see a notice in your dashboard if you have exceeded the machine translation limit for the month.