Build it Beautiful, then translate with Localize.

Translate your Squarespace site with Localize

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1) Open the Squarespace “Code injection” settings page

Click Settings, then Advanced, and then Code Injection.

2) Add Localize to your website

Copy and paste the following code into into the “Header” box on Squarespace’s code injection page.

<script src="https://global.localizecdn.com/localize.js"></script>
<script>!function(a){if(!a.Localize){a.Localize={};for(var e=["translate","untranslate","phrase","initialize","translatePage","setLanguage","getLanguage","detectLanguage","getAvailableLanguages","untranslatePage","bootstrap","prefetch","on","off"],t=0;t<e.length;t++)a.Localize[e[t]]=function(){}}}(window);</script>

    key: '[[app:key]]',
    rememberLanguage: true,
    blockedClasses: ['sqs-frontend-overlay-editor-widget', 'sqs-edit-mode-controller', 'sqs-frontend-overlay-editor-widget', 'sqs-frontend-overlay-editor-widget-host', 'cke']

Click the “Save” button on the Squarespace Code Injection page.

Localize is now successfully installed on your Squarespace website!

3) Add links to switch language

Now we must provide links for visitors to change the language of the page.

Click the “Add page” button with the “Link” option, shown in the screenshot below.

A "Configure link" window will appear, as seen in the screenshot below.

Enter the name of the language you want to translate your website to in the "Link Title field.

Next, copy and paste the code below into the "Link" box. Change "en" to the 2-letter language code for this language.


4) Reload your Squarespace website

After saving the changes from the previous steps, reload your Squarespace website. Localize will automatically detect the content on your website and and save it to your Localize account.

5) Send content to Translators

Then, head on over to the Localize Phrases page to begin approving phrases for translation.

That’s it!

Refresh your Squarespace page again, and click the language link you added to your website in Step 3. This will instantly translate your page!

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