Translate WordPress

This WordPress application integration guide shows you how to translate WordPress applications in a few easy steps. Follow this tutorial to create a multilingual WordPress application translated to other languages for your international customers.


Below is a step by step guide for integrating Localize into your WordPress application.

If you do not have a Localize Project yet, signup here!

1. Login to your WordPress admin site

Then navigate to the Plugins area.

2. Select "Add New"


3. Search for "localizejs"

Or click this link: "Localize - Website Translation Integration" plugin

4. Click "Install Now"

After you find the Localize plugin, click Install Now. This will install the plugin into your site.

5. Click "Activate"

6. Select "Localize" to display the settings

Select the Localize plugin settings link from the left navbar.

If you don't already have it, find your Project key from the Localize Dashboard.

7. Add your Project Key

Add your Project Key and click "Save Changes".

SEO Options


Using subdirectories to optimize your page rankings for a website that is translated into multiple languages is one of the recommended best practices for SEO (e.g.,

If you would like to set up your WordPress site to use a separate subdirectory for each target language in your site, select the Subdirectory option.
Then click "Save Changes".


Using subdomains is another recommended best practice for SEO (e.g.,

If you would like to set up your WordPress site to use a separate subdomain for each target language in your site, select the Subdomain option.
Then click "Save Changes".

8. Reload your website

  1. Visit your website in a browser.
  2. Select one of your target languages using the language-switching widget.
  3. Refresh the page.
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat, for each page on your site.

Localize will automatically begin to detect new content on the pages that you visit, and will bring it into your dashboard.

9. Approve phrases

Then head on over to the Manage Phrases page to approve phrases in the Localize dashboard.

10. Phrases not showing up?

If you are not seeing phrases show up in your Pending bin in the Localize dashboard, follow the troubleshooting instructions here.

Need Help?
Contact support for custom integration help or troubleshooting!