Glossary Packs

Activate Localize’s Glossary Packs to enhance your translation workflow.

Incorporating the Localize Glossary Packs feature will allow you to jumpstart your translation workflow with a list of the most common glossary terms used in the industry.

Available Glossary Packs

  • UI Glossary Pack
    • This Glossary Pack consists of about 500 of the most commonly used terms in user interfaces.
    • Human translations of these terms are currently available in Spanish, French, and German.
  • More packs will be added in the future.

Enabling Glossary Packs

Simply enable the feature on the Languages page and follow the on-screen prompts.

By default, all Glossary Pack terms will be added to your Glossary for all languages.

Glossary Pack terms are added to your Global Glossary and will be available across all projects.

  • Select the languages for which you'd like to set up the glossary terms and click Continue.
  • Later, you can also deactivate the Glossary Pack for specific languages in the Languages table.


Existing Terms

Adding a Glossary Pack will not overwrite any existing terms or translations in your Glossary.


Existing Machine Translations are Automatically Updated

For any existing phrases in your projects that are using machine translations and contain any of the terms in the newly added Glossary Pack, those phrases will be automatically retranslated using the translation of the term in the pack.

Selecting Languages to Use

You can deactivate Glossary Packs for specific languages in the Languages table.

Simply toggle it on or off for a particular language.

Deactivating Specific Terms

You can also deactivate specific terms on the Glossary Pack Settings page.

  1. Click on the Glossary Pack Settings link in the Default Translation Settings panel.
  2. Select the languages for which you'd like to change the settings per term.
  3. Select your Target Language.
  4. Then toggle off any term that you don't want to use for that language.
    1. Note that previously disabled terms will be shown at the top of the list upon refreshing the page.

How the Glossary Packs Were Translated

Localize is providing certified human translations for the terms in the Glossary Packs for some common languages including:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

The following provides context into how the packs were translated.

UI Pack

  • There are many cases in English where both the noun and the verb are the same word. In these cases, we translated the word according to how likely it is to be a verb or a noun within user interfaces (UIs).





For adjectives, we defaulted to masculine, singular.

  • In some languages, there are different levels of formality.
    • Spanish: We used the informal register (for example, instead of Usted).
    • French: We used the formal register (for example, Vous instead of Tu).
    • German: We used the formal register (for example, Sie instead of Du).