Empty Dashboard? Reload Your Webpages

Refresh your website and reload each web-page (after installing Localize)

After installing the code, refresh your application and visit all the pages that you would like to have translated. This allows us to detect your content and load them onto your Localize Dashboard. Then check your Phrases tab to review your content.

Don't see your phrases? Have you installed the Localize code snippet properly?

1) For your website, use Chrome to view your website and open the Chrome Web Inspector.

2) Hit Ctrl-F keys on your keyboard to search and type in “Localize.” In the script look for the “key” and compare the project key to the information in your Project dashboard. Does it match? If not, then you have the wrong project associated with your website.

3) If it matches, then reload your website and any specific pages in your web browser for us to detect the content from those pages. For example, you must load www.yourwebsite.com/blog in addition to www.yourwebsite.com

4) Check your project Phrases page again to see if your content was detected.

Still having trouble? Contact us at support@localizejs.com