Translate GitHub Content

Easily sync translations with your GitHub repository.

Mobile Web (Files)

Connect Localize to your GitHub repository to automate and simplify the process of moving content between GitHub and your Localize project.

Two-Way Sync

  • The GitHub integration will enable Localize to automatically detect and ingest new phrases when new source content is pushed to your specified GitHub repository.
  • Once the content has been translated in your Localize dashboard, Localize will automatically deliver the translations back into your repo, automatically creating a new branch in your project.

Configure your Repository Connection

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in the Manage Project section of your dashboard.
  2. Click the View Integration button.
  3. Click the Install App button.
  4. Grant the Localize GitHub App access to your GitHub repo.
  5. Once connected, specify the Project, Branch and File Type for your project.
  6. Specify the file path of your source file. (This is the file that Localize will ingest and translate.)
  7. Specify how you want your translation files to be named and where you want them to be delivered for each language in your project.
  8. If you want translations to be automatically delivered when they are ready, select the Push Translations checkbox and specify the delivery cadence.
  9. You may also choose to manually deliver translations by clicking Deliver Now in the settings dropdown, which is accessed by clicking the three dots to the right of the integration status indicator.

If you need to make any updates to your configuration after it has been set up, click the three dots and select Edit Repository. Make your changes and click Save.


  • Our GitHub integration is powered by a GitHub App, which is the way that GitHub recommends building integrations with their platform.
  • The Localize GitHub App stores a GitHub-generated authentication token that gives us access to your repo. We do not have access to any user’s credentials.