Propose and Edit Translations

How to edit a translated phrase

We know machine translation isn't perfect. Machine translations aren't 100% accurate as they can't understand the context of your phrases, grammar, etc. If relying on machine translations, we recommend having a native speaker review the translations and make edits. Or simply order translations from one of our third party professional translation providers.

Editing Translations

1. Select a language

Go to your Phrases tab and select a language in the left sidebar (and select the Published status).

2a. Click Edit

With machine translations enabled, there will already be proposed translations. You can click on Edit to make changes to the translation, or just click on an existing translation.

2b. Add translation

Without machine translations enabled, you can add your own translation by clicking on
+ Add translation.

3. Click Publish

Don’t forget to save by clicking on the green Publish button.

Mark as Human

Sometimes a machine translation is just fine! In this case, you can select the Mark as human link for that phrase to mark that a human has looked at the translation and has approved it.

View HTML of the Phrase

To better understand how a phrase is constructed when it has embedded HTML elements, click on the HTML link.

This will display representations for any internal HTML elements.

Click on the HTML link to hide the HTML.

Advanced In-Progress Workflow

With the 'In-Progress' feature enabled, all proposed translations will await approval for publishing in Needs Review. Phrases within Needs Translation have no current or previously proposed translation. When translations pass a quality review -- simply click Publish to activate it live on your website.

With the 'In-Progress' state enabled (requiring review of translations before publishing live on your website), new proposals (either from the machine translation engine, an in-house translator, or our 3rd-party providers) will be waiting for you in the 'Needs Review' category.

Read more about the In-Progress workflow here.

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