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On the Languages page you can see your currently selected target languages and get an overview of the status of the completed translations for those languages.

Enabled Languages

This shows the list of languages that you have enabled in your Project.

It also shows the percentage of human vs machine vs untranslated content for each language. Rolling your mouse over the bar graph will reveal the percentages.

From here you can:

  • Order translations - this will bring you to the Orders page where you can order human translations for that language
  • View translations - this will display the Phrases page with the selected language's translations
  • Disable - will disable translations for the selected language
  • Show disabled languages - will show the list of languages that are disabled

Adding a Language

To add a new language, you can either scroll through the list or search for a language by starting to type in the Find a language text entry field. After finding the desired language, click the Add link. See the list of supported languages here.

Select a Locale

If the language that you selected has one or more locales, the Select a locale dialog will be displayed with the main language and any locales available to select. Click the Add link to make your choice.

Disable a Language

To disable or remove a language from your project, select the Disable link beneath that language in the Enabled languages list.

Suggested Languages

In the Suggested languages panel, you can see a list of the most popular languages in the world, and if you would like, you can click the Add link to add one of those languages.

Next to each language you will either see:

  • The number of people in the world who speak that language
    • e.g. 75,000,000 speakers
  • The number of users who have that specific language set as their preferred language in their browser when visiting your site.
    • e.g. 791 visitors prefer this language (in the last 30 days)

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