Phrase States

When viewing the Phrases tab, you can filter your site's content based on each phrase's current status:

Pending Phrases

After refreshing and visiting each page of your site, Localize will detect your content and pull it into your Pending bin. Pending phrases are not yet translated and awaiting action.

In-Progress Phrases

Needs Review

Contains phrases that were translated by your own translators (or were machine translated) and are now awaiting an Admin to approve the phrases to be published.

Needs Translation

Contains phrases that were approved for translation, but have not yet had a translation added by a translator.


Contains translated phrases that were submitted for review, but were rejected by an admin.

(Please note that the In-Progress status is only available on Growth Plans and higher.)

Published Phrases

Published phrases are phrases with live translations that are published on your application.

Archived Phrases


Phrases that have not been detected on your site for over 2 weeks are automatically moved to the Archive: Deprecated bin. If that deprecated content is found again on your website, it will be reactivated automatically, with all of its translations.

Depending on your website traffic patterns (e.g. plenty of infrequently-visited pages), you may consider disabling the "Archive unused phrases" option.


If you choose to block a phrase, you are preventing that phrase from ever populating into your Pending bin again. Blocking a phrase is not irreversible, you can simply go to your Archive: Blocked bin to retrieve a phrase at any time.


If you choose to move a phrase to the Trash, it will only remain in your Archive: Trash until you refresh your site's pages, which will pull all content back into your Pending bin.

Phrase States

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