Image Localization

Localize the images in your website or application!

Localize allows you to localize images in your project by using the Localize dashboard. A localized image can be added for each target language in your project.

This is helpful in those cases where text can't be removed from an image file.
It is also useful for images that need to be localized for a particular culture/country/language/region.

With this feature enabled, Localize will find images1 in the HTML source of your web pages, and will bring them in as phrases into the dashboard. Each image "phrase" will show the URL to the source image file. After uploading the alternate image(s) to your website, copy the URL to that image and paste it into the "translation" of that phrase, as seen below.

Enable in Project Settings

First, you must enable this option in your Project Settings.

Using the Phrases Editor

You will need to upload a separate image file to your website for each target language prior to adding the image filename "translations" in the Localize dashboard. We recommend that you use a standard file naming convention using the language code, when possible.

Here we see 2 phrases in the Localize dashboard which contain image names. You simply provide the URL for the alternate image in the "translation" for that phrase.

Sample web page in English with 2 graphics:

Same web page in Spanish with 2 "translated" graphics:

Read how to enable this option here...

Using The In-Context Editor

You can also use the In-Context Editor. to provide alternate image URLs for your Web-based projects.

Here's a page in the In-Context Editor in the source language: English:

And here's the same page in the In-Context Editor in a target language: Spanish.

  1. Click on the image in the website pane on the right
  2. This will display the phrase panel on the left for that image (make sure you have a language selected)
  3. Add/edit the URL for the image
  4. Click Publish (or Propose if using the In-Progress workflow)
  5. Refresh the page and you'll see the updated image!
  6. Visit your website and refresh the page to see the localized image in your target language.


Subscription Requirement

To use the Image Localization feature you must be subscribed to the Growth Plan or higher.



1Currently, Localize will only find images that are contained within the HTML <img> element.

Images added via CSS can be supported using CSS selectors, as detailed here.

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Image Localization

Localize the images in your website or application!

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