In-Progress Workflow

Allows translation managers to review proposed translations before publishing.

Watch this short video for an overview of the In-Progress Workflow feature, AKA Translation Workflow Review.

Enable the 'In-Progress' feature

Visit your Project Settings and select the 'Advanced "in-progress" workflow' checkbox, then click "Save".

After enabling the 'In-Progress' feature, once you've approved a phrase from the Pending bin, the phrase moves into the 'In-Progress' bin:

Review translations before publishing

If you turned on automatic machine translations, machine translation will be instantly ordered and added to each phrase. In this case, the phrase will be moved to the Needs Review bin. Otherwise, it will be moved to the Needs Translation bin.

When translations pass a quality review -- simply click Publish to activate it live in your application.


Publishing Translations with In-Progress

Translations have unique status for each language. Publishing a proposed translation in Arabic, for example, would not change the publish status of another proposed translation in another language.

Proposing Translations

For phrases in the Needs Translation bin, you can add a translation by selecting Propose translation.

After entering the proposed translation, select Propose, and the phrase will move into the Needs Review bin.

Declining Proposals

Sometimes, translations won't pass a quality review. When that happens, use the Decline option to reject that translation.

When declining, remember to provide an explanation to the translator as to why the translation is inaccurate.

Clicking Reject will move the phrase into the Rejected bin.

Translators will see the comment and have an opportunity to propose a new translation.

Translation History

Click History to view and propose / publish / delete any prior proposed, reviewed, or published translations.


  1. What happens to a live translation if I make a proposed translation for a phrase?

    The current translation will remain active while the new translation is in progress. Only when (or if) the new translation is moved to published will it replace the live translation.

  2. How can I remove a live translation from my website when In-Progress is enabled?

    Changing the translation state to "Review" from the phrase dropdown will remove the active translation from the website and set the translation to review. You can also "Unpublish" the phrase.


Subscription Requirement

To use the In-Progress Workflow you must be subscribed to the Business Plan or higher.

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