Next Steps

Next steps - Localize for Web

The following is an overview of some other features available in your Localize dashboard, which you may use in your localization process.

Translation Workflows Overview

Machine Translations

Localize will automatically generate machine translations for each phrase you approve. We recommend using machine translations so that your site can be fully translated, but to then have human translators check out the translations and modify them where needed.

Human Translations

To professionally translate your content, you can:

Customize the Language-Switching Widget

You can customize the default language-switching widget to better match the branding in your website.

Learn more here...

Add More Languages

As you expand into new markets, you can add more languages to your project on the Languages page.

Team Management

You can invite team members and manage permissions on the Team page.

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When you are ready, you can subscribe to a plan during or after your Free Trial!

Advanced Installation

Please refer to the following guides for advanced integration steps:

  • HTML Syntax: Must-read if integrating with a dynamic application/website.
  • Frontend API: Interact with Localize in your client-side Javascript code.
  • REST API: Use our REST API endpoints for managing phrases and translations on the backend.
  • CLI: Command Line Interface for importing and exporting files

Contact support if you have any questions. We're here to help!