Q3 2021 Product Updates

What's New in Localize: Q3 2021


Localize For Documents

We've added a new project type called Documents.

With Localize For Documents you can manage the translation process for all of your external documents right in your Localize dashboard.


Task Manager

We're happy to announce the release of the Localize Task Manager!

The Localize Task Manager will allow you to assign tasks to your team, allowing you to streamline your localization workflows. Keep track of all the tasks involved in localizing your projects, right in your Localize dashboard!


User Groups

We've added User Groups to the arsenal of tools in your Localize dashboard!

Creating User Groups for your team will allow you to assign specific permissions for specific groups of people in your team, allowing you to assign permisssion "in bulk".

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July 29, 2021Task Manager
July 21, 2021User Groups

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