Mobile Apps

How to translate native applications for iOS & Android with Localize

We want mobile localization to be just as easy as website localization with Localize.

We have a few options to assist you in mobile localization.


Interested in utilizing Localize as a content platform management system for your native application?

Run-time Usage:
We're currently able to translate your mobile applications through our REST API, which allows run-time import/export of phrases and translations.

Note: This method would require your app to have a connection to the Internet while running.

Design-time Usage:
You may also want to use our REST API during development of your native app.

  • You could set up automated tasks in your development environment for sending/retrieving phrases.
    • Automatically create new phrases in Localize when new content is added to your app.
    • Automatically pull back in the translated phrases from Localize after they were translated.

Static Files

You can use static files in your app.

  • Upload static files to Localize to manage the translation of the phrases.
  • Once translated, download the files and integrate them into your app.

Read more about Localize's mobile localization solution from our customer: Pymetrics.

Try Phonegap!

Contact Support

Contact Localize support for information on a custom solution for your mobile localization needs.

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Mobile Apps

How to translate native applications for iOS & Android with Localize

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